Compare the Schiek Advantages

Elastic Belts


Patented Shape

Schiek belts form a cone shape essential for the perfect fit. All other belts create a cylinder and do not fit your body properly.

New Patented Hip and Rib Contour

Provides ultimate comfort and flexibility. Ordinary beltsdig into the hips and ribs and cause discomfort.

Patented One-Way Velcro® Closure

Amazing One-Way Velcro® allows belt fastener to slidein one direction only for quick and exact fit. Unlikebelts with buckles, the Schiek belt can be easily adjustedto the perfect tension during a workout.

Special Lumbar Insert

Reinforces the natural shape of the spine. Other Nylon belts flex in this area where additional support is needed.

Dual Support

Schiek belts are designed to support BOTH the lower back and abdominal area. The abs arethe key to complete lower back support and no other belt offers the dual support of Schiek.